Thank you for agreeing to participate in the survey to assess the potential demand for services from Enshrine Virtual Resources.

While Enshrine Placements will continue to meet its clients’ payroll-position requirements by finding outstanding candidates, Enshrine Virtual Resources will take on the knowledge work that client companies would rather outsource than appoint permanent staff for. The new company will also provide ‘SuperSubs’, who will more than fill temporary gaps in a client’s HR complement. The term ‘virtual’ refers to their non-payroll status: being self-employed individuals who choose to work on contract assignments. They will work in-office, on-site or remotely, as appropriate.

Enshrine Virtual Resources is currently pre-operational, but we already have access to a very large pool of competent, skilful and knowledgeable resources. In fairness to them, we will only enlist them in the quantities and mix to provide the services for which we have a largely confirmed demand. On the other hand, we will balance that by striving to anticipate and timeously satisfy the expectations of our clients. As a token of our gratitude, the requirements for our services from those clients who participated in this survey will be prioritised and addressed expeditiously.

You are among the shortlist of Enshrine Placements’ valued clients whom we approached for these engagements, selected for being successful in your chosen line of business. We wish to learn from the best. We will never presume to tell successful management teams how to manage their businesses, but we may be able to assist them in better doing whatever they choose to do.

In the forthcoming engagement, we will strive to identify, in collaboration with your management team, a temporary shortfall in capacity, or an occasional need for expertise, that could be addressed by Enshrine Virtual Resources, rather than by way of permanent appointments. We may also find opportunities for adding to your success by utilising our services. For instance, we have developed a positive stratagem for complying with the statutory requirements for employment equity – in particular meeting the often controversial racial quotas. We believe that growing South Africa’s competent workforce is a good cause, regardless of whether or not one considers racial quotas rational and moral. We will expand on our innovative solution during our engagement, but only if this issue is of interest to you.

By answering the questions that follow, you will enable us to prepare better and make the engagement more effective and time-efficient. It may also prompt you to think on some issues that don’t usually rise to prominence in a busy schedule. If you prefer, you could choose to leave some questions unanswered until the engagement. Please be assured that we will consider all your answers to be strictly confidential.