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Virtual resources – real solutions to real problems

We appreciate that most companies have tight constraints on appointing people on payroll.

Enshrine Virtual Resources offers a growing portfolio of specialised services that can be provided very professionally. Here, we target that knowledge work that many companies would rather outsource than appoint people on payroll for. Similarly, by offering access to a variety of expertise that is only occasionally required by companies, our clients will not need to appoint people permanently to satisfy that particular need. EVR Offerings

We are particularly excited by our SuperSub offering – and by the positive response that it has elicited from those clients who have been introduced to the idea. This offering is made possible by the tremendous wealth of experience and talent that we have in those resources who are of an age that makes them no longer sought after for on-payroll appointment.

  • SuperSubs are seasoned senior professionals who temporarily fill gaps in a client’s organisation. Because the experienced SuperSub will be more than qualified for the role, the client should have little concern about performance.
  • They will also be available to pilot new positions and then mentor newly appointed young professionals with the right qualifications to competently take on positions that carry substantial responsibilities.
  • Masters of their domains will be available as mentors to many.
  • EVR will also assist companies that have an unpredictable, fluctuating workload by making versatile, experienced resources available on standby.

We provide a catalogue that showcases our ever-growing portfolio of specialised services and expertise. The catalogue also displays the range of roles that our SuperSubs can play within the clients’ organisations in various industries. While some of these roles may sound like position titles, our SuperSubs will be focussed on their particular experience-based contributions rather than on titles or status – they will have been there, done that, got the proverbial gold watch.

EVR will enter into back-to-back contracts with the clients and resources. By contracting EVR to provide a consultancy service, the client will avoid having many temps on contract. And because EVR and their selected resources all value the EVR brand as a shared asset, the client is sure to receive very good value.

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