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11985861. Transaction advisory service: working to understand, scope and pitch a possible transaction. This could include due diligence work and advising on finance raising 2. Project over- management service: provide the lead/ oversight after the transaction is secured, through all the phases of the project to production ramp-up and sustainable operations 3. Executive advisory service (management consulting): working to understand, scope and establish a turnaround project and the associated PMO (Project Management Office)
1196553A multidisciplinary team that provides business management expertise and services that companies need to do business internationally and/or within the particular circumstances of South Africa.
1199855Advisory service to the Board and/or Executive Management Committee
1196556Documentation management in accordance with the principles and practices of configuration control in a formal systems engineering environment.
1196456Executive team coaching - to jointly determine an intelligent strategy for change.
1196531Facilitating Strategic Planning Process (Strategy Formulation, Implementation & Reporting)
1196481Interim PA services to Senior Executive, including project administration for major project - on site if required.
1196551International taxation consulting; Financial and administrative systems development and implementation
1196439Mentoring Boards of Directors and potential (would-be) Directors
1196500Specialised service: 1. Non-Executive Consulting and Mentoring to Board and Mentoring of Board Members 2. Capital Advisory Services to clients who would welcome support in identifying, progressing and securing energy and infrastructure projects in Africa.
Resource IDSpecialized Service:
Resource IDExpert subject:
1196487Acquisition strategy
1196531Business Turnaround {bringing distressed companies back to profitability)
1196456Change Management - from business strategy level to detailed business processes
1196439Corporate Governance
1196553Developing and managing company culture
1196551International Tax
1196500Strategy formulation and sustainability structuring
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Resource IDSuperSub role 1:
1196556Documentation Manager
1196434General Manager of plant/factory
1196531Interim General Manager
1196439Non Executive Director
1199855Standing in Managing Director and/or President (CEO)
1196481Top Class Interim PA to Senior Executive (such as a visiting executive)
Resource IDSuperSub role 1:
Resource IDSuperSub role 2:
1199855Advisor to the Board and/or Executive Management Committee
1196551CEO / General Manager
1196556Configuration Manager
1196439Mentor to any and all in the C Suite
1196516Personal Assistant to Senior/Top Executive
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Resource IDSuperSub role 3:
1196511Company Secretary
1196531Expert member of a turnaround team
1196456Research leader and compiler of research reports
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